freeclass2Enrollment Open: Open Enrollment for 2020 has begun. CCR starts new theory classes every 5 weeks.  New theory and speedbuilding transfer/returning students may enroll for the following are upcoming start dates: February 21, 2022, April 4, 2022, May 16, 2022, and July 11, 2022.  To get started, visit our Admissions Page.   


freeclass2NCRA DiscoverSteno™ A to Z™ ProgramCollege of Court Reporting is proud to offer the NCRA A to Z™ Program!  Throughout the year, CCR hosts an informational program to court reporting called the NCRA DiscoverSteno™ A to Z™. This informational program will cover the importance of court reporting and realtime professions, the history of court reporting, the value of skill and academic courses, the career paths, and the tools for success. If you would like to be considered for participation in this no obligation program and have a member of our team contact you, please complete the following link:  Course Signup Link

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